Credit Counts - CAEL
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Credit Counts

Earn college credit for knowledge you already have!

You can build a portfolio demonstrating your knowledge and expertise (learned outside the classroom) to earn college credit. We offer an online course that will help you align your learning (from work, military, or volunteering) to a college course, and show you how to build a portfolio to earn college credit.


After you complete our course, you can submit portfolios for assessment to earn college credit.
How does it work?
STEP 1: Enroll in CAEL 100, Portfolio Development Course

  • CAEL 100 is worth 3 college credits.
  • 100% online with no set times to log in.
  • Join in this instructor-led, online, six-week course to learn how to create a portfolio that documents your learning.


STEP 2: Create your Learning Portfolio

  • FREE optional 2-week workshop available to students after completion of CAEL 100.
  • You have 6 months after completing CAEL 100 to create your first Learning Portfolio. Additional portfolios can be completed over time.


STEP 3: Submit your Learning Portfolio for college credit

  • Your completed portfolio is reviewed and assessed by a college professor for college-level learning. And you may submit as many portfolios as you choose!*


STEP 4: Take your LearningCounts credit recommendation to the university of your choice

  • Most colleges and universities accept Credit Counts credit recommendations. That means you can use your portfolio credits at any college or university you choose – including community colleges.


*If you are already enrolled in a university or college, it’s always a good idea to check with your advisor to make sure your Learning Portfolio will fit in your degree plan.

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